We sell many different notions – all the usual suspects – cutters, scissors,rulers, thread, thimbles, needles, etc. And some notions are more inspiration than tradition. Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger image.

Gypsy Gripper

large ruler/template handle

Clover Rotary Cutter Case

safe storage for your cutter

The Gypsy Gripper (above left) has a large handle and two strong suction cups. Use one or both cups to attach the handle to a ruler or template. A quick-release tab lets you detach the handle and move it to another ruler. The handle is great for arthritic hands – or any hands wishing to hold a ruler firmly so it doesn’t shift during cutting. TGQ002 $23.50

The middle image above shows Clover’s Rotary Cutter Case. This useful item is designed for the 45mm size cutter. It includes a plastic box to safely hold spare (and used) blades. Don’t toss your cutter in with a bunch of other items. Carefully put it in a case. A sharp nick-free blade is essential for easy fabric cutting. CL532 $10.95

Sort 'n Store Your Hand Sewing Needles

package label

Sort 'n Store Your Hand Sewing Needles

organize your hand sewing needles

The Sort ‘n Store is a big four inch diameter “pin cushion” with six segments each labelled with a common style of hand needle. Keep your needles safely and conveniently at hand grouped by type. CL9520 $12.95

Fabulous Fabric Guide

package illustration

Fabulous Fabric Glides

Fabulous Fabric Glides

Fabulous Fabric Guide

fabric grips

The Fabulous Fabric Glide is for the free-motion quilter. The package contains two sizes (7 and 5.5 inch inside width) of semi-hoops with textured fabric grips to hold the fabric firmly. The new squared shape allows larger areas to be quilted before repositioning the glide. TGQ005 $22.50