BOOKS (sale)

We recently acquired these older one of a kind books, mostly in like new condition. They are at one price plus GST and shipping. Payment via PayPal or cheque.

$5 each or 6 titles for $20

Note: We have a few books left from our earlier sale. These books are at various prices. Just click here “salebooks” to see them.

Acorn Threads (Renee Nanneman)
American Patchwork Quilt Designs
Amish Quilt in a Day Workshop Package (Eleanor Burns)
An Alaskan Sampler (Debbie Caffrey)
Applique Old and New (Nedda C Anders)
Applique, Applique Every Which Way! Workbook (Virginia Robertson)
Around the Block (Judy Hopkins)
Award Winning Quilts (Effie Chalmers Pferr)


Basket Garden (Mary Hickey)
Basket Quilts (Laura Nownes)
Baskets for Quilters (Betty Boyink)
Bear Tracks in the Berry Patch (Johanna Wilson)
Best from Gooseberry Hill (Kathy Pace)
Bits & Pieces Quilt (Anne Dease)
Blossom Hill (Teri Christopherson)
Buttermilk Farm (Teri Christopherson)
Button Hole Stitch Applique (Jean Wells)


Calendar Quilts (Joan Hanson)
Calico House (Joanna Brazier)
Carriage Deer Collection (Francie Ginocchio)
Celebration of Hearts (Jean Wells, Marina Anderson)
Cherry Preserves (Teri Christopherson)
Christmas Quilts (Marsha McCloskey)
Classic American Patchwork Quilt Patterns (Maggie Malone)
Classic Country Quilts (Jane Townswick)
Color Splash Trip Around the World (Piecemakers)
Creating with Color – a Guide for Quilters (Patricia Knoechel)
Creating with Color – A Quilter’s Booklet (Patricia Knoechel)
Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders (Woodward & Greenstein)
Cut-no-Diamonds! (Betty Gall, Jane Hill)


Deck the Halls (Smith & Milligan)
Easy Radiant Star Pattern (Valerie Sullivan, Eleanor Burns)
Easy Does It (Anne Childs)
Everyday Folk Art (Minick & Simpson)
Fabric Wallets and Purse Accessories (Lynn Paulin)
Fall into Winter (Gerry Kimmel)
Flannel Days, Wool Nights
Folded Star (Margaret Wright)
Folk Art Cookie Cutters (Suzanne Tigue Shore)
Folk Art Felt (Sandy Belt)
Friendship Quilt (Eleanor Burns)
Friendship Quilt Collection (Debbie Mumm)
Fun & Fancy Machine Quiltmaking (Lois Smith)


Garden Delight (KathleenBissett)
Harlequin Hearts (Susan Stein)
Hearts are Forever (Four Corners)
Housewarmings (Kathy Simmons Spear)
How to Make a Quilt (Bonnie Leman)
Illustrated Index to Traditional American Quilt Patterns (Susan Winter Mills)
Incredible Quilts for Kids of All Ages )Jean Ray Laury)
Innovative Machine Quilting (Hettie Risinger)
Irish Chain in a Day Workshop Package (Eleanor Burns)


Lap Warmers (Kemperman, Rand)
Log Cabin Quilt Projects (Quilting Corner)
Make a Quilt in a Day Log Cabin, 3rd Ed (Eleanor Burns)
Make a Quilt in a Day Log Cabin, 3rd Ed Workshop Kit (Eleanor Burns)
May Basket (Eleanor Burns)
May Basket Workshop Kit (Eleanor Burns)
Memory Quilts (Smith & Milligan)
Miniature to Masterpiece (Nancy Johnson-Srebro)
Miss Jump’s Memories (Linda Brannock)
Modern Quilting (Book 1) from Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine
More Weekend Quilts (Leslie Linsley)
Morning Star Quilt (Eleanor Burns)
Morning Star Quilt Workshop Kit (Eleanor Burns)
Mountain Artisans Quilting Book (Alfred Allan Lewis)
My Family Quilts (Donna Babylon)


Needlepoint Design (Louis Gartner Jr)
Noah (Kimmel, Brannock, Patek)
Not Necessarily Christmas (Susan Bartlett)
Paper Piece a Merry Christmas (Jodie Davis)
Patching Things Up (Jan Halgrimson)
Patchworkbook (Judy Martin)
Patchworthy Apparel Book (Jean Wells)
Pattern on Pattern (Ruth McDowell)
Patterns for making Amish Dolls and Doll Clothes (Pellman & Steffy)
Perfect Patchwork Primer (Beth Gutcheon)
Piece by Piece (Dianne Finnegan)
Piece on Earth (Harriet Wyant)
Pieceable Kingdom (Mary Jane Lamphier)
Piecemakers Country Store (Piecemakers)
Pineapple Quilt, a Piece of Cake (Loretta Smith)
Pioneer Doll and Her Quilts (Mary Hickey)
Pioneer Spirit (Kimmel & Brannock)
Prize Country Quilts (Mary Elizabeth Johnson)


Quick-Sew Quilts (Becky Johnston, ed)
Quilt Lovers Series – Gathering Hearts #1 (Four Corners)
Quilt Lovers Series – Sew Many Squares #3 (Four Corners)
Quilt Patch (Leslie Anne Pfeifer)
Quilted Apple (Laurene Sinema)
Quilted Clothing (Jean Ray Laury)
Quilter’s Garden (Helen Squire)
Quilter’s Kitchen (Zimmerman & Hoffman)
Quilting (Caroline Green)
Quilting for Beginners (Agnes Frank)
Quilting Made Easy (Mildred Graves Ryan)
Quilting Manual (Dolores Hinson)
Quilting With Fons and Porter (Fons and Porter)
Quiltmaker’s Handbook (Michael James)
Robin’s Nest (Teri Christopherson)
Round About Quilts (Michelle Watts)


Scaling Down (Trudie Hughes)
Scrap Happy (Sally Schneider)
Scrap Quilts for Material Girls (Brenda Henning)
Scraps, Blocks & Quilts (Judy Martin)
Sew Quick Scrap Quilts (Leisure Arts)
Shadow Quilting (April Stephens)
Slim n Sporty Wallets (Pat Porter, Melanie Fabian)
Small Folk Quilters (Ingrid Rogler)
Small Quilts (Marsha McCloskey)
Sweet Briar Rose (Teri Christopherson)
Taupe Quilt [Japanese]
This Little Pig (Nancy Southerland-Holmes)
Trip Around the World Quilts (Blanche and Helen Young)
Triple Irish Chain Quilts (Wendy Gilbert)
Vanessa-Ann’s Living with Quilts